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Digitize & Transform your Factory's Operations

Inovec offers WorkFlow, a factory management platform specifically built for SMEs to help them digitize their operations.

Advanced manufacturing, industry 4.0, mes software

WorkFlow Platform

WorkFlow enables you to implement work orders, ensure process control and move to paperless operations on your factory shop floor with minimal disruption to existing processes. WorkFlow can be set up in a few days! Kickoff digitization of your factory by implementing WorkFlow software.

WorkFlow dashboard


Platform structure enables features and functionalities to be added or removed as needed

Frame 51.png


Structure divided into specific modules, enabling roles-based access and customization

Frame 61.png

Easy to Use

Simple, intuitive UI design enables factory workers and managers to use it easily

Frame 59.png

Plug and Play

Configure and deploy in a very short span of time

Frame 60.png

Built for Manufacturing

Conceptualized and built by a team with diverse experience in manufacturing

What makes WorkFlow unique

Do you want to transform your Operations?

WorkFlow is a revolutionary software that optimises manufacturing processes, reduces errors & maximises productivity. WorkFlow is enabled to work on laptops and handheld devices. 

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