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The WorkFlow platform enables real-time updates, work order tracking, resource management, issue tracking and resolution.

WorkFlow uses an intuitive UI to enable managers to allocate work orders to various resources on the shop floor. Shop floor teams can provide real-time updates of the work done, record evidence, and log issues.

Factory Management Platform

Digitize your Factory’s Operations to Improve Productivity, Reduce Losses and Achieve Operational Excellence 

“Transform Your Operations”

Shop Floor Digitization

For a High Mix Low Volume (HMLV) manufacturer of custom metal components, the WorkFlow platform has transformed its shop floor operations. Existing processes and workflows are mapped in the WorkFlow platform. Work orders are created by the managers, which contain details of each task involved. Tasks are mapped to workstations and shop floor associates based on their skill mapping. Next tasks are queued for associates and details are visible to them once they complete the current tasks at hand. Evidence and measurements recorded by the associates are available for review by managers. Role-based access enables user-specific dashboards for different teams. Work processes of Production, Planning, Quality and Stores teams are mapped in the platform itself. Using the platform, the manufacturer is able to unlock productivity and improve quality as work process are standardized and streamlined, better production control is established and the factory are transitioned to paperless operations.

Process Improvements

At a project based manufacturer where the batch sizes can vary significantly, process improvements are identified using the WorkFlow platform. Repetitive tasks are analyzed for various workstations and associates, by tracking the time taken by them for such tasks. Historical data is studied to understand any trends. Adjustments to process flow and expected time is done accordingly by the managers, so that the planned and actual times align better.

Connected Worker

For a company manufacturing high value products, the WorkFlow platform has enabled better visibility of shop floor operations, thus improving production control. Shop floor associates receive all work instructions, including SOPs, reference images, etc. so that they are able to complete their work as expected. The measurements needed at the end of specific steps are noted by the associates in the system, along with any checklists that need to be reviewed and evidence that needs to be captured. Additionally, any issues that they encounter are reported by them so that action can be taken to resolve them. All datapoints captured by the shop floor team are available for the managers to review and act upon.

Do you want to transform your Operations?

WorkFlow is a revolutionary software that optimises manufacturing processes, reduces errors & maximises productivity. WorkFlow is enabled to work on laptops and handheld devices. 

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