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Factory Management Platform

Digitize your Factory’s Operations to Improve Productivity, Reduce Losses and Achieve Operational Excellence 

“Transform your Operations”

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What is a Factory Management Platform?

A software platform that enables you to automate processes, get real-time updates, and control shop floor activities of the factory.

Dashboard of WorkFlow tool

How does it work?

WorkFlow uses an intuitive UI to enable managers to plan and allocate work to various resources on the shop floor. Shop floor teams can view all tasks assigned to them, provide real-time updates of the work done, record evidence, and log issues. Managers get a real-time operational intelligence, whereas workers get all the relevant information they need on their device. This enables paperless operations on the shop floor.

WorkFlow Platform

WorkFlow has been built using the “platform approach”, which ensures scalability, reduction of data silos among teams and providing a single source of truth for the organization. The platform enables workflow digitization and automation, process improvements as well as reporting and analytics for manufacturers, sourcing data from the shop floor and various operations teams.

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Why use WorkFlow?

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Real-time updates

Know what’s happening on the shop floor

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Process standardization

Formalize tasks across departments and teams

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Obtain operational intelligence and analytics

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Transparency and

control of operations

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Workflow automation

Define flow of tasks

and information

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Knowledge sharing

Enable exchange of expertise and knowhow

Operational Excellence


Increase productivity

Achieve higher output per unit of resources


Reduce Cost

Shrink operational costs to maintain quality


Improve Quality

Reduce product and process defects


Increase Agility

Improve responsiveness to changes

The WorkFlow platform empowers teams to achieve their true potential by reducing information asymmetry and cutting down silos.

  • How does it work?
    WorkFlow consists of a web end and a mobile end application. Managers can set up work orders, schedule tasks and generate insights from the recorded data through the web end. Shop floor associates and supervisors can document data, report issues and provide real-time updates of their tasks through a mobile application.
  • What is WorkFlow?
    WorkFlow is an innovative platform that enables you to streamline and boost your factory’s operations. WorkFlow helps you optimize manufacturing processes, reduce errors & maximize productivity.
  • How does WorkFlow help reduce production costs?
    WorkFlow enables real-time updates from the shop floor, thus improving shop floor control for managers. Increased visibility of resource utilization, better product and process quality control, improved issue tracking and resolution, etc. are some of the advantages of using the WorkFlow platform. All of these lead to a reduction in production costs for a manufacturer.
  • Is the system customizable to a factory's specific needs?
    The WorkFlow platform has been built after studying the underlying needs of manufacturers extensively. The platform has been built in such a way that the foundation pillars needed for any organization’s operation management are included. Any custom needs can be added as a layer on top of the existing platform to suit the specific needs of any manufacturer.
  • How easy is it to integrate WorkFlow to existing systems?
    As WorkFlow uses the platform approach, it is built in a modular structure. Integrating WorkFlow with an existing ERP or any other such system is a matter of understanding which module needs to exchange data from this system. Such capabilities can be built based on the specific requirements for any manufacturer.


Do you want to transform your Operations?

WorkFlow is a revolutionary software that optimises manufacturing processes, reduces errors & maximises productivity. WorkFlow is enabled to work on laptops and handheld devices. 

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