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What is WorkFlow?

WorkFlow is a revolutionary software platform that helps you optimize manufacturing processes, reduce errors & maximize productivity. 

Managers can control all work on the factory shop floor, schedule tasks and generate insights. Workers can document data, report issues and provide real-time updates of their tasks.

“Transform your Operations”

Dashboard of WorkFlow tool


  • Relay step-by-step instructions to workers

  • Configure product details, track WIP inventory

  • Track resource utilization, generate daily schedule

  • Publish reports, issue reporting and resolution


touch 1.png
analytics 1.png

Standardize processes

Accurate data tracking and insights

Complete visibility of operations

Continuous learning and improvement

Do you want to transform your Operations?

WorkFlow is a revolutionary software that optimises manufacturing processes, reduces errors & maximises productivity. WorkFlow is enabled to work on laptops and handheld devices. 

Group 36263.png

Real-time updates

Know what’s happening on the shop floor

Group 36268.png

Process standardization

Formalize tasks across departments and teams

Group 36264.png


Obtain operational intelligence and analytics

Group 36267.png


Transparency and

control of operations

Group 36265.png

Workflow automation

Define flow of tasks

and information

Group 36266.png

Knowledge sharing

Enable exchange of expertise and knowhow

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